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Welcome to Marketing 4 Lenders (M4L) – Your Premier Mortgage Marketing Partner!

At M4L, we are the architects of a revolutionary system that seamlessly connects loan officers and branch managers with a consumer-direct model. Our mission is to empower mortgage professionals with a cutting-edge platform that streamlines lead generation, nurturing, and conversion from origination to pre-approval while reinforcing the invaluable partnership with realtors.

Our innovative system thrives on collaboration, bringing together loan officers, branch managers, and strategic partners to create a powerhouse of lead generation. We understand that success in the mortgage industry hinges on more than just numbers; it’s about the relationships you build. That’s why we’ve developed a platform that not only generates leads but also fosters connections and cultivates opportunities. With M4L, you’re not just getting a marketing solution; you’re accessing a network of partners and resources dedicated to your growth. Join us in reshaping the future of mortgage lending and take your business to new heights with M4L.

Our Team

Nick Lalwani


Nick Lalwani, Co-Founder of Marketing 4 Lenders (M4L), has a proven track record in marketing and a history of success in real estate-related ventures. Nick is redefining how lending professionals navigate the digital landscape. His expertise extends beyond marketing and encompasses the art of leveraging strategic partnerships to foster innovation and drive success for M4L clients.

Nick’s visionary leadership is underpinned by a steadfast belief that innovation is the cornerstone of unlocking new possibilities within the lending sector.

Dave Long


Dave Long, Co-Founder of Marketing 4 Lenders (M4L), is a highly accomplished branch manager and seasoned loan officer. His extensive experience in the mortgage industry has positioned him as a driving force behind M4L’s commitment to excellence. Dave’s unique perspective on corporate consumer direct and branch office needs is reshaping how organizations approach lending.

He’s dedicated to revolutionizing the industry by providing innovative solutions that empower lenders to thrive in the digital age. Dave’s leadership at M4L is marked by a passion for client success and a deep commitment to exceeding expectations.

Steven Spencer


Steven Spencer, Co-Founder of Marketing 4 Lenders (M4L), brings a wealth of expertise in real estate property management to the table. Steven’s journey into new ventures as a partner at M4L reflects his commitment to continuous growth and innovation.

His deep understanding of real estate operations, strategic leadership, and project management make him a valuable asset to M4L and its clients. Steven is driven by the vision of helping lending professionals succeed in an ever-evolving landscape.

Andrew Tan

Automation Specialist

Andrew Tan, an automation specialist, plays a pivotal role in Marketing 4 Lenders (M4L) by spearheading the development of efficient operations around CRM and technology systems. With a keen eye for automation, Andrew is passionate about streamlining processes and leveraging technology to drive growth.

His expertise ensures that clients benefit from cutting-edge solutions that enhance their lending operations. Andrew’s commitment to harnessing the power of automation aligns perfectly with M4L’s mission to empower lenders with the tools they need to succeed in a rapidly evolving industry.

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